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Bridal Shoe


bridalTogether with our design service, Glamourcountry provide a service for the best day of your life.

In Bridal shoe manufacturing, we are aware that it's a long process that nothing can fail in your special day.

Glamourcountry goes further in the Bridal Industry. Instead create and manufacturing a shoe for one special day, as it is common in bridal shoes, our quality allow and vision will allow you have a shoe for other occasions or perhaps you can save the environment and sell to another bridal.

Projects for Bridal should start 6 months before the event, and will pass by the follow steps:

- Selection of last: We follow the anatomy of your feet

- Prototype test: You will have the chance to test one shoe in terms of fitting and design

- Re-design: From the Proto, we redisegn the final shoe and proceed with the final production.

Our Bridal Shoes are developped with double latex padding in the stress areas of your feet for you can celebrate without stop and pains.

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Contact us: geral@sergiomatos.pt

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