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Shoe Production


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In Portugal you'll find the "know-how" of a century in handmade shoes. 

Our first generation starts in 1980 inside of the shoe production, supplying some of the main and "luxury" stores in Portugal. This experience allowed the 2nd generation grow up for International Markets where we are well known by our quality and service.

Centred on our mission, Glamourcountry is a shoefactory responsible for all the shoe production and provide to you a full service. Our facilities allow us make since sneakers for both genre until the classical high stiletto . We will pursue your requirements and the quality that you require. 

Because We are confident that the quality in nowadays is fundamental for your business, Glamourcountry is very strict in its procedures through:

the material selection,

last development,

pattern development,

cutting process,

stitching process,

assembly process,


packaging and shipment.

Glamourcountry is a partner company and not a mere supplier. We are trustworthy manufacturer in Portugal.

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Contact us: geral@sergiomatos.pt

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