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Designer Service


ritamonteiroGlamourcountry provide interships to the students of Profissional School of Footwear Industry. With this mutual partnership, Glamourcountry always has the chance to select the best young designers and Patternmakers.

Our design projects are uniques and complete. We offer adjusted collections for the specific markets, with a view to expanding your sales levels.

Our designers have knowledge of the different world markets, their trends, materials and suppliers in the existing market and gather all this know-how to your target prices that you seek to achieve your final product is a sales success.

Glamourcountry in its design project, often find new solutions outside of the footwear industry. Solutions that nobdy ever thought to achieve. 

Our design services, it's for sure, a different and incomparable service in the fashion industry.

For us, designing a collection is not only illustrations made with the latest softwares. It is knowing what is possible, what will work, what are the consequences, what their costs and what the customer really needs.


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Contact us: geral@sergiomatos.pt

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