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Nappa Sneaker

Guidelines for Brand Designers

And if we tell you that the image in the left side is a piece of white nappa?!?! Don't you believe?
Well, It is! It's our Nappa in White color!!!!!!!

In our article Nappa Sneaker, the white is more white and opposite to other articles, doesn't crash.

We offer this article with different substance. Since 0.8-1.0mm until 1.5-1.7mm. Our skins have sizes around 20 square feets.

This leather offer to your shoes and/or handbags, the possibility to create a design with new life.

....and Why we show our white? Because white is white, and in the nature you will not get it.

We understand the frustration of many designers who want include the white leathers in their collection and after start the sampling, they understand how bad it was their idea.


Once again, with Glamourcountry you save time with quality!!!!!!


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